The Importance of Converting Equity to Capital

Guy Baker By
Guy Baker



  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginning
  3. Why have a business entity
  4. To Pass Through or not
  5. Closed Entities and Pass through entities
  6. The benefits of owning a closed entity
  7. The Three Circles of Wealth – The Common Denominator
  8. The Three Big Questions
  9. I. Creating and Retaining Value
  10. II. Keeping Superkeepers
  11. III. Exit Strategies
  12. Additional strategies to build and retain wealth
  13. Conclusion


The Three Big Questions

So, let’s go back now and look again at the three most often asked questions by business owners.

I.  How do I create and retain value in my business?
II. How do I attract and retain the superkeepers who will help me build this value?
III. And finally what is an effective exit strategy? How do I convert my enterprise value to retirement income efficiently?

The remaining parts of this booklet will cover some of the current strategies to build wealth using the business dollar.